Our History


Events in the years 2020 - 2022 exposed that in many ways the current institutions and organisations we rely on for a well functioning society have become corrupt and devoid of many of the basic principles of ethics and morality valued by free people.

And Future

Many of us realised our future depends on becoming more self reliant as local communities and taking care for ourselves of many, if not all, of the services provided by the old institutions. This is of course very ambitious as it essentially involves maintaining a parallel society with our own set of values and principles. This can be much more easily achieved as part of an organised effort and this was the inspiration for the foundation of Camelot Connect. It provides some formal structure to enable us, amongst other things to;

  • Define clear roles and responsibilities
  • Take co-ordinated action towards shared goals and objectives
  • Provide a forum for dispute resolution within our community
  • Liaise as a unified group with other regional and national organisations who share our values with specialist knowledge and expertise such as in law, healthcare or alternative economics
  • Integrate with and support legacy community organisations


"according to tradition King Arthur, the legendary ‘Once and Future King’, sleeps in Cadbury Castle.
The hill fort is supposedly hollow, and there he and his knights lie, ready until such time as England should need their services again.
Indeed, every Midsummer Eve, King Arthur is supposed to lead a troop of mounted knights down the slopes of the hill."

Connect With Us

Home Sweet Home

Covering South East Somerset and North West Dorset, we promote self determination and freedom of choice for our members and wider community.

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