About Our Community


“In serving one another we become free”

Mission Statement

“We are a caring and compassionate humanitarian mutual support group whose members take responsibility for themselves and each other in all areas of life whilst seeking to set an example of a good way of life for all”


We want our members and people in general to be confident in their own skills, knowledge, and beliefs so that we can live independently of unacceptable conditions imposed by others. For example, we want health and social care to be provided humanely and ethically for everybody involved.


We set goals together on a periodic basis to help us achieve our overall aim.
We are action orientated and share tasks and responsibilities amongst ourselves to help achieve our goals.


Moral Conscience: constant evaluation of whether our actions, and those of others, are right or wrong, good or bad.
Moral Courage: when we identify a wrong or bad course of action we do not hesitate to challenge it, even if doing so might make life difficult for us in the short term.
Servant Leadership: the aim of a servant leader is to make themselves redundant because they have helped empower others to master themselves.
Privacy, Autonomy, Self Reliance, Independence, Freedom of Choice, Lifelong Learning and Development, Honourable Behaviour, Personal contact rather than “remote contact”.


We are non-political and non-religious however we accept members of all faiths or none and members of all political persuasions or none.
We may, as a group, choose to engage with political representatives and processes in support of our goals and aim however we are not a party political organisation.
We support all religious faith and spiritual belief as part of our general aim for people to be confident in their own beliefs.

We consider the individual to be the smallest minority and that the rights of the individual are supreme even, and especially, in times of perceived emergency or crisis. This a core principle which we abide by to avoid violations of human rights or inhumane treatment in general. If the rights of all individuals to assert themselves are maintained then inhumane treatment cannot occur in the name of the collective.

We prioritise local resilience and sustainability.

We have nominated officers to act as servant leaders to help the group organise and achieve its aim and goals although all members are expected to get involved. We have a democratic decision making process and membership should be seen as bringing responsibility rather than an entitlement to benefits.


The remit of the group is to connect people with shared values and principles in our catchment area and to network beyond our catchment area with groups who share or align with our values. In doing this we may build a shared knowledgebase of critically appraised resources.

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Covering South East Somerset and North West Dorset, we promote self determination and freedom of choice for our members and wider community.

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