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As an action orientated organisation, we have action groups to address different aspects of life. The action groups are the way we share tasks and responsibilities amongst ourselves to help achieve our goals and aim. Action groups are the heart and soul of our organisation and without them it would not exist. Upon joining the group, members are encouraged to get involved in one or more action group of their choice. Within the members area of this site there are forums to discuss and share knowledge for each of the action groups.


Some members have already taken on the role of action group administrator for different groups. Their primary responsibility is to get to know the skills and interests of different members and encourage and inspire them to get involved in appropriate group activities. As each of the action groups cover a wide range of topics in themselves we always need volunteers willing to take on the role of action group administrator. For example, Health, Wellbeing, and Nutrition is currently coordinated by four action group admins with one each responsible for; Alternative Health, Wellbeing, Integrative Medicine, and Horticulture.

Currently we have the following Action Groups;

  • Administration and Communication
  • Campaigns and Socials
  • Family, Life Skills, and Learning
  • Finance, Work, and Trade
  • Health, Wellbeing, and Nutrition
  • Law and Order
  • Prepping

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